Address: Ashrafieh – Beirut – Lebanon
P.O. Box: 11-8615, Beirut, Lebanon
Mobile   : 00961 71 122588
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We are driven by an ethical commitment to deliver quality results for our clients where we uphold on our obligations through an agreed service & time level agreement.

We are problem solvers who specialize in offering organizations and people advice and consultancy services for their improvement.

Our services include:

University Recruitment & Branding
Organizational Restructuring or Structuring
Organizational Tools & Resources
Public & Private Seminars
Coaching (executive & personal)
Training & Development

Case Studies

  • Leadership Executive Coaching
  • Sales & Plant Incentive Program Development at a manufacturing org
  • Organizational Re- Structuring Model at a manufacturing org
  • Leadership & Sales Competency & Development Program at a manufacturing org
  • Behavioral & Cultural Change Program at a manufacturing org
  • Structure Recruitment Process at Zakka Multi Tec
  • Employee Engagement Survey & Analysis at Zakka Multi Tec
  • Grading & Org. Re-Structuring at Elie Saab
  • Policies & Procedure Manual at Elie Saab
  • Organizational Development Manual Project at MasterFoods KSA
  • Succession Planning Project at JWT MENA
  • T&D Manual Project at Y&R Group MENA
  • Salary & Employee Grading Structure at Honeywell Dubai
  • Saudi Nationals Merchandiser Development Project with MasterFoods KSA
  • Talent Management Solution Project at JWT MENA
  • HR Software Integration Project at Y&R Group MENA
  • TQM Change Management Project at Cara Operations in Vancouver
  • Change Management Project at Honeywell Dubai
  • Staffing Infrastructure project at HP+ (MEA)
  • Competency Manual Project at Y&R Group MENA)
  • Internal University Project at JWT (MENA)